Beware Of Pain During Erection

Men who experience certain diseases can feel pain in the penis during an erection. This pain can even make a man lose an erection. Even if a man can withstand the pain, the sex will not run smoothly. Orgasm obtained will not be maximal. You must consult with your doctor to know the root of this problem. Additionally, if you simply want to have a longer and stronger erection, you can read VigRX plus review to find the perfect solution for your erection problem.

The first disease that causes pain in the penis area is Peyronie. This crooked penis disease makes an erection so painful because there are parts of the muscles that are pulled down. In this condition, men will find it difficult to have sex perfectly.

The next one is diabetes and multiple sclerosis. These two diseases have more or less the same effect. The nerves in men especially those that lead to the male penis are damaged. As a result of this damage, men will be difficult to receive stimulation, the erection is disturbed, and there is considerable pain.

Aside from that, it is undeniable that the problem of injury to the penis is also a cause of pain that occurs when an erection takes place. The first cause can be due to excessive sexual activity. This sex activity consists of sex with a partner and masturbate. The penis will hurt if you force yourself to have multiple orgasms.

The second cause of injury is exercise. There are some sports movements that harm the penis. For example, athletes who run fast or cyclists. Some sports activities provide strong pressure on the penis. As a result, the penis and testicular area are injured.

Men can minimize pain during erection as long as they are able to do sex and exercise well. For example, when masturbating they do not overdo it and use lubricants. Penile skin that continues to be rubbed can make the wound appear slowly.

If you do sports that pose a risk of injury to the penis, it is better to use protection, especially to the penis.

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