These Factors Actually Affect Your Erection Quality

Research has shown that foods that are bad for the heart can also affect the penis. Because the heart and penis depend on blood flow to function properly. Mediterranean foods such as fruits, seeds, healthy fats from nuts, red wine, and vegetables, are good foods for consumption. Additionally, you can also read VigRX plus review if you are also interested in consuming supplements to improve erection.

In addition to food, Urologist at the Cleveland Clinic, Ryan Berglund, said blood flow is the key to healthy erections. With exercise, the flow of blood can go into the penis smoothly. Exercise is also said to build nitric oxide in the body which helps maintain an erection.

Furthermore, smoking causes many chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and impotence. Smoking also affects the strength of erections and a study said the smoker penis is smaller than nonsmokers. Find out who can use men’s supplement and who cannot on

Finally, low testosterone levels do not directly affect the mechanisms involved in erection but it can affect libido. If you experience a decrease in sexual desire, you may need to consult a doctor to return testosterone to the normal level.

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